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deviation in storage by EnvyBlackCat


you win.

I am tired. tired of fighting and resisting.
everything I do is worthless and ignored? fine.

I do not care anymore.
not that this will be fucking seen or anything.

Note: Before you start reading I want to point out that the text is likely to have inconsistencies with the original work.


Watching his room was fun.

Not a pure and happy fun, but a fun that felt acid and obnoxious.

The memories are causing this

Memories are the thing that burn more. It is not the memory itself that hurts, but the thought that ,at that time, life seemed better.Maybe It was better.

You never know how it is when you lose something until you lost it, right?

The poster torn in the middle of his room had been the source of these thoughts. Every day was the same story, an object in the room would make him hate the world.

He felt down.

The bright colors of the super-hero called "Ghosto" were heinous. And he also met the author of those comics, it seemed a lifetime ago.

Almost like a dream.

A dream populated by colorful and fun monsters, but also a dangerous situation. He had given up everything.

Only for Elena.

And now he was alone.

A new beginning?

An ending. a stupid ending.

Now it had been a couple of years.

Today was even his birthday.

But Ezkiel Zick did not want to celebrate with his "friends" who had not lost the power to see and tame monsters. No matter how often they smiled and spoke kindly, he knew that for them he did not mean anything, like when he enter a room where some of them talk about things related to the monsters and immediately stop talking as soon as they see him.

From below he felt happy and carefree voices of boys and girls, and his parents. Not necessary to have special powers to see that they made him a party.


Greta Barrymore was downstairs, deftly moving between the stove and the table.

Zobedja, her husband was happy, and he was helping her. Today, the party would have been perfect. So that Ezkiel, or better Zick as everyone calls him, would be happy.

It can be said that both have deceived themselves. They knew that the anger and the pain of their son could not be erased with a party and a cake. But they hoped that their son could be a bit happier.

Elena walked into the kitchen to help, but Teddy did his usual puff the one he normally use to say that someone does not do what he wanted. Greta told the girl that they would do fine on their own, so the couple of teens could get together in the room with the other young people.

A ghost spoke to her:

"Do not worry, Greta, the party will be great"

"Sure, but I want to make it even more great" she said smiling to her father, the ghost.

Monster Allergy 30and1 fanWork.
I do not own the original setting and works, or any name in it.
Monster Allergy is owned by Dinsey.

sorry for my english...

few words... I do not know if I continue's strange to write something like this..

the series Monster Allergy is a disney comic created in Italy, I started reading it (and watching the cartoon sometimes) when I was younger,technically I was a bit "old-y" at the time too,(I even had the videogame, sold with commercial plum cakes or something similar, oddly I did not searched it or played it since recently...), and only recently finished reading the comic...
it's since 1996 that I was (and am) a fan of that peculiar 17×25 format of disney pubblication, since PKNA: Paperinik New Adventures.

it's strange to have ideas and write now for a old comic book written for a younger audience...
it made me think about my own past and my own experiences, so I think part of those feeling defined how this piece ended up...

it's probably out of target...

thanks if you stop and read this, and please comment on how it could go on (or insult me if you think its bad)
I witness my gray tears
flowing down my life
representation of my fears
the cold of the knife

in the warm of the water
my worm is scratching
saying "you are a goner,
always leeching"

a cut
as the red fly
while my eyes shut
"will I finally die?"
Testn333 by 1r0zz0
Test n°333: main character for one of my game project, a horror-adventure


riccardo olin
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I'm a 22 years old italian.
I would like to know what you think about my pics so fell free to comment :)

I have a Skype account:
you win.

I am tired. tired of fighting and resisting.
everything I do is worthless and ignored? fine.

I do not care anymore.
not that this will be fucking seen or anything.

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stevemacqwark Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Bad news: DmC: Definitive Edition is coming to PS4 and Xbone with new features and 60fps, though why not from the beginning, we don't know. We do know that Capcom is dying, with only RE Revelations 2, Monster Hunter 4, Street Fighter V and Deep Down being made from the ground up, but even then, Sony is apparently financing SFV.

Good news: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will come to PS4 and Xbone with Vergil in it, so I call that a minor victory, right? Then again, Capcom is probably doing good by re-releasing old games if they're truly in financial woes but they have no one to blame but themselves.
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I do not think SFV is done from the ground up... after all, for create bump maps you have to create a high poly model, and they seem to use a more detailed version based on those same high ploy models from SF4...
and it is on the Unreal Engine it is pretty much an indie version of street fighter.

and sony is paying for it...

do not get your hopes up for DMC4 hd... it's very probable that DmC hd will sell because fantoys will say "now it's 60fps and with lock on! just like the original!"...

so we will have DmC2...

it's probable that Vergil will be only used as a skin...
stevemacqwark Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Then why even bring back DMC4 at all?
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
it's because they want to see what sells better to decide what series to continue...

this is because japanese developers are inside a bubble floating somewhere else than earth...

they hardly have contacts with fans, and they base all their decision on the critics voices (even ignoring SALES sometimes...Yakuza series is a prime example) but in case of DmC the critics praised it as jesus second coming, yet is a burning economical failure IN THE COUNTRIES IT WAS MADE FOR!...

so crapcom is only doing the most idiotic thing they always do... the "let's see if there are money somewhere!"

they release both to see what sells better, and then they will continue the series that sells more...of course if they still not only follow the critics again or pull a "megaman legends"...
(1 Reply)
ZeldaWolfPrincess Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
grazie per il watch
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
You know, just by watching the entire cutscene-filled movie of the Devil May Cry reboot, it plays out like a bad episode or season of the CW's Supernatural, Buffy, or Angel, in addition to being a Mortal Instruments/Cassandra Clare rip-off. 

If Joss Whedon saw the reboot, then he'd sue Ninja Theory for stealing his style from one of his supernatural teen TV dramas. Just shows how unoriginal the reboot is. :sigh:
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Out of the designs of all four original DMC games, I enjoy the look of the feel of the 4th game best. It has really cool-looking 19th Century buildings, ancient evils, dark magic, demons scampering around, secret places, uniquely blended areas (a city, a jungle, snow-capped mountains, a castle), magical demonic beasts (Huge deities! Winged angels! Ice toads! Big lizards!), and all-around won't-happen-in-real-life events (Supernatural phenomena OMG)! It's like a true fantasy world - all this in which I described happens in this game! It's like being in a all-new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting or a real-life dark fairy tale. And that's why I think the look and setting of Devil May Cry 4 is the most imaginative that Capcom has ever done in the series: They made it look like a pure fantasyland. 

For the reboot, they ditched the fantasy setting of DMC4 and gave us a city that tries to kill people and an edgy look? Bah, I've seen that done before in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. A huge contemporary city with magic all around it. Why couldn't they capture the same imagination and magical place that the internal team at Capcom did? Ninja Theory made the setting of the reboot look more like a run-of-the-mill Low Fantasy urban area, trying to ape Bayonetta. I give credit and many points to Capcom and the DMC4 team for creativity and imagination. Ninja Theory gets nada for being blah. IMO, DMC4's setting is worthy of being put in Fantasyland in a themed amusement park.

Thank you for reading! ;)
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
well, many elements of DMC4 are taken from DMC1 and expanded.
for example the jungle is from DMC1 (it was supposed to be a forest in the game, it got erased but there is still a room with jungle assets)
that said, DMC4 got scrapped and rewritten few times, and is too bad that the game is just HALF of what it was supposed to be.

but you are 100% right. DMC4 is bloody great in "environment design" (less in Character design...).

NT instead made a "ideological design" for the whole game, and it was to make it look like a early 2000 platformer(edgy "dirty" look, lot of "bizarchitecture" and colored vistas).

and for the few moments it didn't look the ugly gritty remake of Evil Twin (one of my favourite game ever, BTW) it looked just like you said. Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments bad tie in. or any other teen urban fantasy...

the Limbo itself is just a bad(and hellishly confused) mix o Alice Madness Returns, Day Watch and Constantine...

DMC4 in a amusement Park? well... if you go around some Italian cities you can see stuff like that...
just look at this street view:…
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Thanks for your reply. I'm happy that the reboot flopped
RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
happy birthday :)
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