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The Last Guardian: shitty Art Style? by 1r0zz0
The Last Guardian: shitty Art Style?
lot's of sarcasm in the picture.

this is my critique to people criticizing the supposedly "obsolete" game design/graphic of The Last Guardian.

of course it's not "obsolete". it's just "not the same shit we are shoved on our faces everywhere else".

I mean, you could go there and say how this technicality or that technicality is not "top tech"... but hardly all games are "top tech" today...

random images from INTERNET.
all copyrights belong to their respective owners.
AetherMaze NPC allies early design. by 1r0zz0
AetherMaze NPC allies early design.
you could see more stuff from this project in the future
sad sad Dolly art with short horror story.
the following story may be disturbing or scary to some readers.
it may also have many grammatical mistakes and I apologies for those mistakes.
please leave a comment below.

Sad Sad Dolly:

"I am not loved anymore?"

said the ragdoll as the girl walked away from her.


in the pitch black of the house, the trembling girl walked in the unnatural silence of that house.
it wasn't her house, not anymore. her last memory was that she was sleeping in her warm and cute bed and, before that, her mother's goodnight kiss.

but she wasn't there anymore. it wasn't her house. not anymore.
the first thing she had seen in that house, so dark and cold, was a skeleton on a bed, she recognized what it was because she has seen it in a picture book, and her dad explained it that it was "the stuff inside peoples body that make them stand". But why it was on the bed? maybe someone forgot it?

the only light in the room was a candle. she was afraid of the dark, so she took that candle and started walking in that pitch black house.
the candle got shorter and shorter as she walked those rooms.

on a wall, an big eye grew, following her with it's trembling pupil.

the scared girl wanted that this nightmare would finish soon, when it will end she is going to run to her parents warm and big bed, so she could feel protected.

she missed the warm in that cold pitch black house.


the sad sad dolly was following the girl, murmuring sounds that should have been weeps but sounded like laughs.
the girl did not loved her anymore. it was obvious.
who was that girl anyway?
why she dared to not love her?

"everyone must love me" rasped the Dolly's voice in the darkness

the Sad Sad Dolly followed the little girl, enjoying the sadness itself felt with violent pulses of ravenous hate.
Dolly was happy that it found such a wonderful place, with many girls to punish because they did not loved it.
after it finished with one, and those girl stopped moving, it would put them to sleep in the bed, hugging them when sleeping, but somehow those girl are eaten soon after.
but a new one would appear. and the doll could start again.

the doll caressed her precious treasure with her deformed and shapeless arm.
the cold metal blade of the scissor glistened in the light of the girls' candle.

the doll's precious treasure glistened in the dark.


It watched in silence, relishing every second of that game it made it's new toy play.
taking that toy was easy as always, in those things they used to sleep, after those bigger similar beings left them alone.
what was those beings? no matter.
inside it's belly, it grew an eye to see every second of that game.

the previous toy broke much too  soon, now laying boring in the bed, but it was tasty.
how many of those toys broke by now? many, each new toy felt less and less tasty. it wanted more.

inside it's belly the new toy tickled it with every cautious and afraid step.

it was the best for it, much better than the void nothingness it was in before.
those days of boredom was finally over.

it grew more eyes, to enjoy every second of that game.
the little rag-thing would have waited the light to go out. then the toy would run and hide, uselessly inside it's belly, and slowly it would have tasted those delicious emotions.

an another fit of pain shook it.

those thing started eating it again.
those thing also eat the toys when they broke, annoying it every time.
but no matter. he would have still enjoyed the game.

probably it's last game before being eaten completely.
Scream like there is no yesterday by 1r0zz0
Scream like there is no yesterday
there is no yesterday
there is no tomorrow
I scream
as words bleeds out of my mouth
my madness slither 
in the rotten flesh of my today

is what I feel pain anymore?
or just a dull sensation
of what I am expected to feel.

are you there for me?
is that your hand?

the hand turns into a bramble
fruiting clusters of eyes
judging zealots
laughing at my tears.

and I change shape
discarding arms and legs
I grovel on the soil
breathing dust
eating mold
burying myself in a damp darkness
trying to find viscous warmness

non c'è ieri
non c'è oggi
come le parole sanguinano dalla mia bocca
la mia pazzia striscia
nella carne marcia del mio oggi

quello che provo è ancora dolore?
o la vuota sensazione
di cosa mi è aspettato di sentire?

sei lì per me?
è quella la tua mano?

la mano si trasforma in rovo
fruttando grappoli di occhi
zelanti giudicatori
che ridono alle mie lacrime

e cambio forma
abbandonando braccia e gambe
io striscio per terra
respirando polvere
mangiando terra
seppellendomi nel umida oscurità
tentando di trovare il caldo vischioso


riccardo olin
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
VG24/7 released an article based on a interview with Todd Howard by gamespot.

in this interview it seems he said that GTAV "had succeeded the most at the same type of thing we try to do. I look at that game and think, ‘Wow, I just don’t know how they did this.’

“That’s what we try to create, that sense of going anywhere and doing anything. GTA 5 does it so well. It puts you in its world and it makes you its director. It says yes to the player a lot, and that’s what we try to do. It’s just a phenomenal game."

oh my!
he is an idiot.

I mean, I do not get if most of the world did not played the same GTAV that I played. but GTAV "freedom" is not existent.

unless you consider a bunch of scripted events as "freedom".

in fact, ironically the only emergent gameplay that there is in GTAV, and there was in GTA for around 10 years, is what you have when you DO NOT play the game right...

MISSIONS and the campaign are as linear as they get. sure you can change some bits and bobs, mostly based on a simple mathematical outcome (bad stats, sloppy outcome) without much to choose from, and for example there are no multiple endings to the missions.
but the last one, that is a sterile and dull choice done with a in-game "SMS".

half of the missions ARE actually what you need to play the mission as designed by the developers.

and interaction in GTAV is WAY BELOW normal open world standards. most of the "side activities" are just scripted missions, mostly stupid scripted missions, or simple "busywork"...

GTAV is below Watchdogs or Sleeping Dogs when it comes of open ended gameplay...

Far Cry 3 offered MUCH MORE FREEDOM in it's side activities.

but I guess just trying to push a (competitor) brand and being an idiot is what is cool today.

you know Todd? you should say that GTA has to learn from Fallout 3. because that's how it is.

even if I do not like Fallout 3, at least that game IS open ended and up to the players Choice...

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SmilezNGrinz Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016
Thanks for the watch! I'm new and I really appreciate it. 
RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
happy birthday man! Hope you have a good one today x3
BoBsPfhorever78 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, man. Sorry if I seemed like a jack off when I replied to your comment on my Nocturne photo. That particular day was rough for me and I apologize. For my next Nocturne series, I've decided to change the visual look for it to color thanks to you. :) It's just getting old I think, so yeah. For Celestial Tomb, it was just to imitate how films were made in the '50's. I'm sorry if I was rude about that.
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
do not worry about it.

I am eager to watch for your next series.
BoBsPfhorever78 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok :) sweet, thx! :D
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
The environments of the Devil May Cry reboot are unappealing and very unimaginative. I mean, they literally washed the environments with way too many orange and blue hues, and it's clear that they have taken from many other, much better sources. It's just as uninteresting and dull as the rest of the game itself. It's more like, in order to make the environments, Ninja Theory just did the cut-and-paste route for all this. It's more like The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, only swallowed up and regurgitated back out, and slapped with the Devil May Cry name on it.

DMC4's environment, however, is much better and more elaborate. The designers for the game made a fantasy setting, staying true to the rest of the original series, with a touch of gothic in it. The color palette is a lot better, and it doesn't hurt the eyes as much as the DmC reboot does. And it's crafted with a lot more imagination and immersion. It's so much more imaginative than the reboot. There are medieval-baroque-stylized cities, mountains, tropical rainforests, castles, and lots more. It is synonymous with the fantasy genre, and the fantasy genre is synonymous with imagination. 

The environments in DMC4 really mesh together well, also. If you ever played the game, you know what I'm talking about. The designers for the 4th game really pulled it off in terms of visuals. Magic and fantasy are abound in DMC4. The Devil May Cry reboot pushes all that aside for hard and edgy, with Fox News all over it. And ugh, the reboot and its environment don't go we'll with the rest of the series at all. >.>

DmC: Devil May Cry is an example of a supernatural fantasy video game gone wrong, with lots of fantasy cliches abound. DMC4 shows how a great fantasy-themed video game is supposed to be done. Along with other factors (including the carefree Dante we all know and love), it's no wonder why the 4th installment gained so much popularity among fans of the original series and others.

Thanks for reading. :)
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
let's hope the HD version of DMC4 sells at least enough to have a real DMC5
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Yeah fingers crossed
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015

I did a comparison of the DMC4 SE screenshots and the DmC DE screenshots. Pay attention to the environments:

DMC4 SE screenshots………

DmC DE screenshots………

DMC4 SE is much more imaginative and well-crafted in terms of environment design. Makes you feel like you got sucked into the fantasy world of the game itself.

DmC's enviroments are so bland and hard to look at because of an overuse of blues and oranges. DMC4 has a better color palette. And DmC looks like it got regurgitated from other, much better sources.

So, yeah, DMC4 SE wins. :D (Big Grin)

1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, you are right.
after all, it's easy to design an "destroyed urban area".
make houses and then make them in pieces.

it's much harder to have realistically great looking south european baroque/Renaissance buildings
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