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Testn333 by 1r0zz0
Test n°333: main character for one of my game project, a horror-adventure
Kojima's R Game by 1r0zz0
Kojima's R Game
every copyright is of their respective owners, I do not own nothing, this is a work of critique.

because somebody NEEDS to talk about this...
the problem of being a paid demo (still 40 € is most of europe, it was 60€ at start) that last 30 minutes if played actively (leaving the pad and make the game running is should not be counted as active playtime...) is frankly a rather welcome now.

the big, huge, DISGUSTING problem is that this game is subtly supporting rape.


1) Chico (a underage boy) and Paz are implied to be raped repentantly.

2) it's also implied that the USA army (the OMEGA camp is a parody of Gantanamo Bay prison camp) made Chico rape Paz.

3) the medium that all the rape and tortures are narrated(sony's portable cassette tapes) is counted as reward, and is secondary and unrelated to the game, "earned" with not canonical actions and they are longer than the game itself.

4) the whole Rape plot is not recounted or told or implied in the main story, there is not punishment or disgust or in any way the game define that as bad or a crime.

5) Paz is not shown much wounded or hurt by the whole torture and repeated rape, as she would not care much or the act would not be much bad. this is common in rape-fetish porn.

6) the rape plot is considered a prize

I know many of MGS fans support this and so support rape. I already discussed with them so I already know their replies ( mostly with insults).

1) no. this does not the game more realistic, every part of the game is unrealistic and the rape is not treated realistically by the story.

2) no. this not sets a tone. no part of the rather short story mention it. everything is told with reward cassette that the player needs to actively search and find.

3) no. it's not "fine", Rape is a horrible act that hurt physically and psychically a person. it's worse than homicide because there is a horrible torture that scar the person for their whole life.

4) no. the fact that Paz is a girl does not help her (someone implied this...)

5) no. Paz being a spy or being trained do not make the action less horrible or less damaging.

if this is a deranged version of "character growth" is not Paz's character, as she is swiftly taken care of with a Vagina bomb (someone set a bomb BOTH in her belly and in her Vagina, so we could have that "gritty" cutscene of the bomb removal. useless cutscene...)
at best is Chico's character growth, and this is ALREADY WRONG. Snake do not care much, he is pissed that his little base was destroyed and that's it...

what I find sad is that Bayonetta generated a buzz for how it was "offensive" but it's nothing as horrible as this...but with this everyone keep the silence...
Health by 1r0zz0

no one really cares, right? why I bother?
Carmilla's Cursed Castle concept: water level. by 1r0zz0
Carmilla's Cursed Castle concept: water level.
this is a concept of a area for my indie game project "Carmilla's Cursed Castle"(name still in development) a 3d action game inspired by NES castlevania. this does not represent the intended graphical quality.
if you are interested to help, you are welcome.

the water room is a large and long room filled with water, where the player will be able to traverse it on not stable wooden platforms.(after competition bonus: there will be a boat)

the enemies will be both normal enemies on the wooden platforms and aquatic or amphibian monsters that will jump on the platforms, maybe even destroying them.

it would be nice if the platforms could react with a physical emulation of floating...

design ideas:
this room appear very early in the game and is a spiritual tutorial and a meaningful moment.

a tutorial because it will be the first area to show one of the many "trap/obstacle levels" levels designed to challenge the player with the design itself.

meaningful because it will act as a "baptism" for the player and the character.

NG+ special trap: after the player is on the platform it start to burn, so the player needs to play the level faster.

model done in sketch up.
the rendering is done with brighter 3d.


riccardo olin
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I'm a 22 years old italian.
I would like to know what you think about my pics so fell free to comment :)

I have a Skype account:

The failure of being a coward: Doom 4.

This is a open letter to Bethesda and ID software.

I know. I know you are scared. Doom 4 has revealed itself to be a production black-hole.

I can understand. You failed pretty most of it's development times and if rumors are correct it's better that you cleaned the board and started from scratch, with a new engine too it seems.

All this seems fine and promising...but is hot air.

Do not get me wrong. I will buy Doom 4. of course. I do not have to make that decision, it's already decided as I bought and will buy any ID software related title. But I am a old and decrepit gamer, I am a REAL gamer, one that wants it's game to be something, not to pose as something, and one that buys title from developers that always delivered good experiences...

but most of the people are not like this.

Hell, quite the opposite.

So I am bewildered when I read about your will to answer the huge silence of the title, that now is on par with DUKE NUKEM FOREVER for all we can know, with more silence.

We had a not amazing CGI trailer, that just confirmed there is at least one Cyberdemon in the game, and a rather insulting closed door demo at quake con, insulting because it seems it was showed “to show something to [id Software fans] that gives them the confidence that it is still a viable studio that’s doing really cool stuff”.

As far Pete Hines(PR guy) says...

but you do not showed anything to ID Software fans... or you thing that those bunch of guys sitting in the Quakecon room was a DECENT PERCENTUAL OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY DOOM 4...

how many people was there? 300? 500? 1000?

and those people are the ID software fans that need to calmed down?

no. they are not. You could not even THOUGHT that even a little fraction of EUROPEAN AND ASIAN CONSUMER was there to attend at Quakecon.

Doom 3 got out in 2004, now we are 10 years after that day, and the only thing doom related was the shoddy BFG edition that looked worse than modded doom 3 (that make it look like a real modern game, so there IS a problem).

In ten years we need to wait a whole year for have a 2015 reveal, AFTER you already revealed it to a close bunch of people? Because the “game is not ready” but is enough ready to be shown to a limited audience? And then what about the release? 2016? 2017?

You did not want to reveal it yet? Do not show the trailer, let alone a real time demo as you said the Quakecon showed reel was...

or maybe, you actually do not have ANYTHING to show? What you showed at Quakecon was just a special created cutscene in a game engine...

what, that would mean that you ARE producing Duke Nukem Forever...

or simply you are afraid that it could get shunned and laughted at, but be prepared because that will happen anyway.

DooM is an old game, a old game that is already considered in a “dying state”...

Half Life 2 killed Doom 3 for the critics, the movie was utter shit, the hd version is rather bad and no real tangible news for the new title...

a year more? Yes, is not much, it just means that the game will be washed away by the better showed games of the competitions. they shows everything, maybe never release what they show, but show it either way...

after all, most “gamers” today never played or even know what DooM is... and they will not risk to buy it if they are not showed what the game is...

and that's is your failure because you are cowards and do not show what you are doing...

DooM 4. yes. DooM 4-ever...

thanks for your time.

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ZeldaWolfPrincess Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
grazie per il watch
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
You know, just by watching the entire cutscene-filled movie of the Devil May Cry reboot, it plays out like a bad episode or season of the CW's Supernatural, Buffy, or Angel, in addition to being a Mortal Instruments/Cassandra Clare rip-off. 

If Joss Whedon saw the reboot, then he'd sue Ninja Theory for stealing his style from one of his supernatural teen TV dramas. Just shows how unoriginal the reboot is. :sigh:
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Out of the designs of all four original DMC games, I enjoy the look of the feel of the 4th game best. It has really cool-looking 19th Century buildings, ancient evils, dark magic, demons scampering around, secret places, uniquely blended areas (a city, a jungle, snow-capped mountains, a castle), magical demonic beasts (Huge deities! Winged angels! Ice toads! Big lizards!), and all-around won't-happen-in-real-life events (Supernatural phenomena OMG)! It's like a true fantasy world - all this in which I described happens in this game! It's like being in a all-new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting or a real-life dark fairy tale. And that's why I think the look and setting of Devil May Cry 4 is the most imaginative that Capcom has ever done in the series: They made it look like a pure fantasyland. 

For the reboot, they ditched the fantasy setting of DMC4 and gave us a city that tries to kill people and an edgy look? Bah, I've seen that done before in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. A huge contemporary city with magic all around it. Why couldn't they capture the same imagination and magical place that the internal team at Capcom did? Ninja Theory made the setting of the reboot look more like a run-of-the-mill Low Fantasy urban area, trying to ape Bayonetta. I give credit and many points to Capcom and the DMC4 team for creativity and imagination. Ninja Theory gets nada for being blah. IMO, DMC4's setting is worthy of being put in Fantasyland in a themed amusement park.

Thank you for reading! ;)
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
well, many elements of DMC4 are taken from DMC1 and expanded.
for example the jungle is from DMC1 (it was supposed to be a forest in the game, it got erased but there is still a room with jungle assets)
that said, DMC4 got scrapped and rewritten few times, and is too bad that the game is just HALF of what it was supposed to be.

but you are 100% right. DMC4 is bloody great in "environment design" (less in Character design...).

NT instead made a "ideological design" for the whole game, and it was to make it look like a early 2000 platformer(edgy "dirty" look, lot of "bizarchitecture" and colored vistas).

and for the few moments it didn't look the ugly gritty remake of Evil Twin (one of my favourite game ever, BTW) it looked just like you said. Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments bad tie in. or any other teen urban fantasy...

the Limbo itself is just a bad(and hellishly confused) mix o Alice Madness Returns, Day Watch and Constantine...

DMC4 in a amusement Park? well... if you go around some Italian cities you can see stuff like that...
just look at this street view:…
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Thanks for your reply. I'm happy that the reboot flopped
RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
happy birthday :)
stevemacqwark Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Don't like DmC? Wanna good laugh?…
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
the big problem is that people just cannot realize that DmC is a BAD GAME.
now that someone killed the story, they are praising the combat system... or the animations... or the colors...
stevemacqwark Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Geez, I just thought you would've had a good laugh. That style of nitpicking is usually for a good laugh.
UnagiTakanashi Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014   Artist
thanks for the fav ^^
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